Essential Doc & Co.

Author: Amy Gibson

It’s DIY Time!!

Part 1 – Preparing My favorite time of year is almost here.  With fall’s promise of cool evenings, I am anxiously awaiting bowls of warm chili, delicious apple cider, and football time in Tennessee! In addition to glorious 70 degree weather headed our way, as an herbalist, fall kicks me into serious DIY mode.  This […]

A Walk in the Woods

Our family loves to be surrounded by nature.  There is something so special about walking down a trail listening to the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind and smelling the fresh earthy air.  It is one of the main reasons we packed up, sold our farm, and moved to the Great Smoky Mountains. […]

BBQ, Apple Pie, & the 4th of July

It’s that time of year again, the pit-masters are burning coals getting ready to put a pig in the ground continuing the time-honored tradition of tending to it all night long, the sauce boss is putting the final ingredients in the jars, letting the flavors blend to perfection overnight, and the rest of us are […]

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