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Author: Marie Damler

Lemon Oil

I have recently realized the cleaning power of 1 drop of doTERRA Lemon Oil. My husband and I own a home improvement company that does countertops, cabinets, and flooring. At one of our customer’s houses, the cabinets were being touched up after installation and some of the paint lacquer splattered on the wood floors. The […]

College Kid Survival Kit

It has happened…our last child, Cecelia #6 of 6, has left for college.  It has been 25 years since we have not had a child in primary education. My free spirit, easy-going daughter is off to tackle the journey of college and responsibilities of daily life.  It is a challenge magnified by being “alone” per […]

Ranch Hand Remedy Bag – Part 2

Foundation, Fuel, Fix Let’s talk foundation.  Foundation for our bodies optimal performance for whatever the task is at hand.  Each one of us can be a superhero. Yes I am talking about you, Yes you! Superheroes are not fictional Marvel characters.  Superheroes are those that take care of themselves so they can help others. Our […]

Ranch Hand Remedy Bag

The lazy hazy days of summer are in full swing.  Heat and humidity are part of our daily lives. We remind each other to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Air conditioning is our escape but here at the ranch it is a luxury and we cannot stay inside when there is work to […]

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