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Author: Emily Law


Autumn is right around the corner! In Tennessee, after the heat of the southern summers, most of us welcome fall with its crisp, cooler temperatures; SEC football games; the excitement of school beginning; hayrides and bonfires; beautiful leaves, apples, and pumpkins in the fields. Fall has historically been a time of celebration as the harvest […]

Cleopatra Smiles

Historians give accounts of the beautiful, mysterious Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, 69 BCE-30 BCE, using potent, natural botanicals, minerals and essential oils in her cosmetics and beauty products. Archeologists have unearthed containers and perfume bottles and analyzed the residue of the contents. Some of the following essential oils are believed to have been used during these […]

Happy = Healthy

Humans have pursued happiness throughout history. In the past hundred years, researchers have looked for answers to questions related to health, happiness, and longevity such as:   photocredit: @nancyrutledgephoto What makes people happy? Is there a connection between happiness and healthiness? Do happy people live longer, healthier lives? Most of the images in this post […]

Stranded in Paradise?

If you were stranded on an island and could only take one small box of items for your health, what would you take? PARADISE: Fifteen years ago, I lived in my paradise. I had everything I had always dreamed of. I had a home, two daughters, and my best friend for my husband; we lived […]

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