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Your morning routine

You wake up, probably go to the bathroom, make coffee, shower, go to work….etc.  Right?  You think your morning routine is fine.  And it probably is.  However if you are working on healthier habits, your morning routine might be hurting you more than helping you.  

When I decided to change careers and left a 24 year job in December it was really important that I created a new morning routine.  I no longer had to leave the house by 6:15 AM and so it was easy to just make another cup of coffee and hit “next episode” on whatever series I was binge watching.  But that wasn’t helping my bottom line at all!  So I went in search of a new morning routine.  I started with workouts.  My one complaint when I was at my other job was I had to be at work so early that I didn’t have time to get a workout in before work.  So that was first on my list.  I put it in my calendar and set a reminder on my phone for the days I wanted to work out.  I made it a priority because it was important to me.  

I also wanted to keep my weight loss progressing.  I knew for me, being home all day with unlimited access to food was a dangerous combination.  So of course I always start my day with my vitamins, LLV  and my Slim & Sassy trim shake.  Having my morning smoothie kept me going all morning.  I also planned out my meals just like I did when I worked outside of the home.  This way when I was hungry I just needed to take a break, eat, maybe go outside and get a little sun on my face and I was charged back up to get more done!  

I set business hours for my new business.  This means from 10-4 I was in my office working on income producing activities.  Now, if you are like me, you can be “busy” without ever getting anything done.  However that doesn’t put money in the bank.  So when you are “working”, it needs to be income producing such as following up with leads, talking to existing customers or clients, booking talks, meetings, and phone calls with new clients.  You get my drift.  Checking your social media to see how many likes you have isn’t paying the bills.  

Journaling became a part of my morning routine also.  It set my mind for the big picture.  I was able to jot down things I was grateful for and my “why” no matter how many ways it manifested.  When you know why you are doing what you are doing, it gives you more reasons and purpose to keep pushing forward even when it gets hard.  I might even take a quick break during the day to jot down a feeling or two.  I use a diffuser in my office to keep me focused!  I often diffuse Wild Orange and Elevation to keep my mind sharp and dialed in to the task at hand. 

Now that I had a good foundation my days had structure.  Just like they did before.  I needed that stability in order to be productive.  

What does your morning routine look like?

Stephanie Thibodeau

I’m a certified life and wellness coach, doTERRA wellness advocate, and a QRNR practitioner. I specialize in helping women make small habit changes to balance your hormones. I can help you unpack your emotional baggage once and for all to lose weight, reduce stress and get better sleep. #essential_soul_coach
Stephanie Thibodeau

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Your morning routine

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