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Deep Blue to the Rescue

One of the first products Jeff was introduced to when we started our natural product journey was Deep Blue Rub.  Now, the whole line of Deep Blue are his favorite products.  The brand name of Deep Blue is synonymous with soothing support and he definitely receives soothing support.

Jeff has always worked hard and will never say no in his job.  He has had a position with the city working outdoors for the past 12 years.  Because of his work ethic he really managed to mess himself up physically. In the city, when there is not a lot going on, they tend to trim the trees for all of us to enjoy.  Due to his height, long arms, and endurance; Jeff was the one asked the most to go up in the bucket to use the pole saw for trimming. He really does have long arms which helps around the house.  Anytime I need something I just call out “Monkey Arms” and he comes running to help me reach anything I cannot get to.

As a result of his strong work ethic, he has managed to get two herniated discs in his neck and a torn rotator cuff.  He really does not want to have surgery and he needs to continue working. He started with the Deep Blue Rub and that worked well on his sore muscles after a long day.  Then we learned that if you apply the Deep Blue oil followed by the Deep Blue Rub, you receive an even deeper, penetrating relief. Now keep in mind that if you do use both the oil and the rub immediately after your shower, you may get a very warm sensation at times. He informed me that this is when his muscles are extremely sore and this does not always happen, at least not for him. When I use both I get a warm sensation. I know it is working on my muscles, which gives me comfort as I know relief will come soon from the Deep Blue products.

Considering he has these issues, he also added in the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex to his daily regimen.  The Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex delivers polyphenol extracts of frankincense, turmeric, green tea, ginger, pomegranate, and grape seed. Now looking at this list, that is a whole lot of goodness in one complex. This is designed to provide soothing support to aching muscles and other occasional discomfort. Since starting the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex with the all-natural plant ingredients means I do not have to worry about his health as a result of him needing to take this product every day.

The Deep Blue line is CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and provides comfort to and is trusted among users.  The greatest thing about the Polyphenol Complex is that you can take it when needed or take it daily for long-lasting benefits. Jeff takes his capsules every morning and night to continue to receive the long-lasting benefits.  He also uses his Deep Blue Rub daily. Some other uses for the rub and oil are to apply before and after your workout, massage with a few drops of carrier oil onto growing kids legs before bedtime, apply to low back after doing yard work, and apply to shoulders after a long day on the computer.  As you can see there are a lot of different uses for these amazing products. Jeff and I use these products daily. How will you use these products in your daily life?

Diane Jowers

We are Diane and Jeff: a dynamic duo in awe of the power of doTERRA! After years of getting B-12 injections and using over-the-counter/prescription meds for pain and inflammation we were ready to try anything. We attended a free online doTERRA class and ended up finding our true passion in life. We both experienced a major shift in health after using doTERRA. We both have full-time jobs but we spend our free time educating others on the benefits of a holistic lifestyle using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and wellness products. To learn more please contact us at #dee_queen_of_oils
Diane Jowers

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Deep Blue to the Rescue

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