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Autumn is right around the corner! In Tennessee, after the heat of the southern summers, most of us welcome fall with its crisp, cooler temperatures; SEC football games; the excitement of school beginning; hayrides and bonfires; beautiful leaves, apples, and pumpkins in the fields. Fall has historically been a time of celebration as the harvest of the summer growing season is gathered.

For families of school aged children, fall is a bustling, busy time as preparations are made for purchasing school supplies and clothes. Fall sports begin and homework has to be finished before bedtime. We have the needs of both parents and students covered in our collaborative blog! Check out Amy Gibson’s post, “Have the Best School Year Ever” and “Back to School Can Bring a Rainbow of Emotions” by Sarah Sawyer.

A recent Belgian study published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds the brain utilizes its resources differently to perform the same cognitive tasks depending on the season. Brain activity peaks in the summer on attention tasks, and in the winter the same activities use less brain activity. Memory brain activity peaks in the autumn and hits a low in the spring. It is possible the brain adapts its level of efficiency based on the season.

Research has shown us that diffusing certain essential oils can support healthy brain functions. Using the dōTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel is a great way to choose the oils to complement the needs of the day. Many educators have learned which oils work best for their classrooms depending on whether the class needs grounding (Balance, Cedarwood, Petigrain & Serenity); improved reactions to stress (Peace, Bergamot & Citrus Bliss); or alertness and improved focus during tests Peppermint, Basil & Rosemary). As a veteran educator and school counselor, I loved how the oils supported learning, emotional balance and stress reduction in my students. My favorites to diffuse when I am working at home are Citrus Bliss, Rosemary, Basil, Spearmint, Peppermint, Wild Orange and Vetiver. Students of all ages can benefit from diffusing oils when studying at home, in the office, school, or college.


During autumn and winter we need to begin protecting our families against seasonal threats. As we spend more times indoors with others, it is important to support our immune systems by maintaining a healthy digestive tract. PB Assist and PB Assist, Jr. do a great job. I carry Onguard Sanitizing spray with me in my purse and we use Onguard Foaming Hand Wash in our home. I keep Onguard Softgels and Onguard Essential Oil in stock in case our immune systems are compromised.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful season with your family and friends. It is so important to nurture our relationships and connections as in today’s world many people feel isolated and lonely.  I hope you can carve out time to sit with your family to connect over a healthy dinner. I suggest that dinner time be a device free zone as children benefit from this tradition when family members share and talk about their day. My grown children tell me how important this ritual was for them. What a gift for your children to have you fully present so that they can share their struggles and joys with you.

Have a wonderful fall season! Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I would love to hear about how you and your family like to spend time together in the fall.(in the comment section below)


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