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Tell Me Something Good

I talk with people everyday who want to tell me nothing more than about their aches, pains, physical and mental upset, disease diagnosis and general discouragement.

I think Rufus & Chaka Khan really had something when they sang Tell Me Something Good (ok I’m showing my age).

Did you know that words, like feelings, thoughts and emotions all have a particular vibration?  That’s right.  Everything in the universe, even words, feelings, thoughts and emotions has a vibrational frequency.  Higher vibrations make us feel good and be healthier, while lower vibrations make us feel bad and we get sick.  The average vibrational frequency of a healthy adult is 62-72 megahertz (MHz).

Frankincense has a frequency of 147 HTz

Today’s US healthcare system has taught us to focus on what’s wrong, talk about it, advertise it, and create fear around it.  These are all very low vibrational actions. 

Lavender has a frequency of 118 HTz

As a holistic nurse, I look more closely, more often, more deeply and consistently at what is going well, rather than what is going wrong.  I help people see what they are focusing on and begin to see it a different way.  This is more than just changing someone’s perspective, it’s changing their frequency.

Rose essential oil has a frequency of 320 HTz, one of the highest frequencies known to man.

Sometimes I use oils to help someone raise their vibration.  Essential oils, like everything else, each have their very own, unique vibration.  When you take in an essential oil, be it by inhalation, topically, or ingestion, you raise your vibration.  This is because your body attunes itself to its surroundings, much like tuning forks. 

If you want to feel better, start raising your vibration by focusing on what’s going right, looking at the good, speaking words of positivity and taking in essential oils.  Here are the vibrational rates of some common essential oils. 

Peppermint has a vibrational frequency of 78 HTz.

We can’t control everything in our lives.  That’s why it’s so important to control what you can.  The thoughts you think, words you say and objects of your attention are within your control.  Not easy, you say?  So what?  Nobody said it was easy.  But there are tools.  Surround yourself with positive people, speak of what’s right, find the bright side and grab your essential oils.  Before you know it you’ll be vibrating higher and feeling better than ever!

Chris Huppe

Chris is a certified holistic registered nurse in Connecticut with over 30 years in the healthcare system.Her focus is empowering people to add natural solutions to their healthcare repertoire and think for themselves about what healthcare fits best for them.Visit Chris at and reach out directly to Chris for any specific questions via FB The Oily Bulldog or email #theoilybulldog
Chris Huppe

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Tell Me Something Good

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