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Soothing the Family

We often hear these awesome stories of people with major issues who have had amazing results using essential oils and doTERRA supplements. These stories are wonderful, but for me all I have to say is that the oils bless us daily in many small ways. As a mother, all I want to do is give my children and family comfort and keep them happy and healthy. By the number of blogs you can find here and other sites you can see there are a multitude of ways the oils and other products help us do that. We use oils and supplements daily and so it’s never hard to find something to share that has helped my family.

This past weekend, we found we over-did it and were in need of some products we do not use regularly, as it seemed everyone found ways to cause themselves muscle and joint discomfort. It is harvest season on the farm, the physical activity usually does not cause us much problem because we are accustomed to it, but it is watermelon season and we have been handling some 30 plus pounders. Even when you are accustomed to lifting and twisting, several hundred watermelons will leave you sore. To combat the discomfort, my husband and I used the Deep Blue Complex and the Deep Blue Lotion. Then we used doTERRA Rescuer Soothing blend on our boys who both seem to have found their own discomforts from their own activities.

The Deep Blue products are wonderful for any aches and discomfort. We only use them when needed at this point but have used them long-term when a problem has occurred. Despite carrying the “Deep Blue” name, the capsules and oil blend are not made up of the same ingredients even though they both help with the discomfort created from inflammation.

The Deep Blue Complex is a capsule of herbs. The capsules are easy to take and not only help with the immediate discomfort, but they also help with that achy hangover the next day. You know that feeling when your mind says it’s time to get up, but your body says no, I’m not moving out of this bed. We both took two capsules before bed and two when we got up on Sunday morning. Here is where to learn more about these capsules.

The Deep Blue Oil blend is a pretty blue blend of oils; however, in our case we used the lotion. The lotion makes it easy to spread and also allows us to dilute other oils such as Turmeric, Basil, or Copaiba depending on the need. Learn more about the benefits of the oils that are in the Deep Blue Lotion.

We love all the Kids kit oil blends, they are lighter smelling and heavily diluted so the kids (and us adults) can grab them and use them without worry. Rescuer Soothing Blend was the favorite of the weekend. My oldest stepped backward off of a slab of concrete leaving his ankle sore and the youngest stepped on a rock sideways (his description) while barefoot. Both asked for the Rescuer Blend and were up being boys in no time, with only light bruising. If you have not learned about all the ways that the Kids kit oils can soothe your family, check out this link.

You may not haul watermelons or run around like young boys, but I bet you have those days your body needs soothing. When you do, reach for the Deep Blue products and/or Rescuer Blend!

Jana Rogers

Mama to two awesome Farm boys! Raising them in nature and using nature to keep them and ourpups and horses healthy and happy!
Jana Rogers

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Soothing the Family

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