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Having anxious feelings is not a life sentence

When people say they suffer with anxious feelings, some think they just need to “chill out”. However, over 40 million people in the US alone suffer with anxious feelings. I know first-hand what anxious feelings are like. Racing heart, tightness in your chest, and you feel like you can’t catch your breath. It’s scary, and you think you are having a heart attack. It can be difficult to ease that feeling.

I’m not here to spout stats. I’m here to say there is another way to help manage the anxious feelings. There are other ways than taking Benzodiazepines which are highly addictive. You should always consult a doctor before you start any treatment program. There are some small habit changes you can make that may help ease some of the symptoms. First of all, learning some breathing exercises can help ease anxious feelings and stress. Take a long inhale through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds and a long exhale through your mouth. Do this several times until the tightness in your chest starts to decrease. Taking a walk outside, especially barefoot, is a good way to change the narrative of negative thoughts in your head.

Eating whole foods, reducing caffeine, and getting some regular exercise can help ease some of these feelings also. Releasing endorphins (feel good hormones) can give your mood a big boost in the positive direction. However, when you are on the couch and feeling like everything hurts, getting outside to go for a walk can be a huge challenge. I use a combination of natural solutions to help break the cycle. Leafy greens that grow up from the ground are uplifting. A green smoothie is a great way to get vitamins and nutrients on the go. Planning time in my schedule to get some outside exercise is a must! I love to go to the beach in the morning and walk. The ocean air is great for my well-being and the sound of the waves is comforting.

I also use a blend of essential oils to help manage my anxious feelings, Balance oil, Copaiba oil, and Serenity oil with some fractionated coconut oil rolled in the crease of my elbows and on the back of my neck give me a sense of calm almost immediately. This location works so well because your veins are closer to the surface of your skin. The back of the neck delivers the oils to your brain faster. This speeds up the time for the oil to penetrate your cells. The faster that happens, the sooner you feel less anxious. Plus, since there are no side effects from this, I can carry on with my day without worrying about drowsy feelings or brain fog.

Living with anxious feelings doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can create a routine that will shift your mood, create uplifting feelings, and interrupt the patterns. It’s not a quick fix, however it is an alternative. With each shift in your mindset you get to see positive results day after day. You wake up more rested and in a better mood. You are happier during the day, and you still have more energy at the end of the day. Spending more quality time with family…what would that be worth to you? I think it’s priceless!

Stephanie Thibodeau

I’m a certified life and wellness coach, doTERRA wellness advocate, and a QRNR practitioner. I specialize in helping women make small habit changes to balance your hormones. I can help you unpack your emotional baggage once and for all to lose weight, reduce stress and get better sleep. #essential_soul_coach
Stephanie Thibodeau

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Having anxious feelings is not a life sentence

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