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Cleaning Tub and Tile with Natural Made Products

I love to soak in an Epsom salt bath. It can help reduce swelling, ease body aches, and tension. Epsom salts are a compound of hydrated magnesium sulfate in a crystal form. Eighty percent of Americans are magnesium deficient. An Epsom salt bath provides a way to get the magnesium into your body topically through your largest organ, the skin. Studies show that correcting a magnesium deficiency can support the body of issues with muscle cramps. Epsom salt can also remove toxins from the body. Your skin is porous and can absorb minerals. In response, your body will trigger a reverse osmosis and remove the salt, leaving you feeling healthier both mentally and physically.

Begin your relaxation time by turning on soothing music. Have a drinking glass of water with a few drops of lemon oil in it to aid in detoxing and to stay hydrated. Pour 2 cups of Epsom salt directly in warm running water. For light muscle tension or to detox, a person should soak a minimum of 12 minutes. For occasional joint or muscle pain such as following exercise, a person should soak a minimum of 20 minutes. The water should be hot but comfortable. Now let’s step it up and start adding essential oils. Add 6-8 drops as needed of lavender which is very relaxing. Jasmine reduces feelings of tension and eliminates irritability. Bergamot supports adrenals and can lessen sad and anxious feelings. Marjoram is good for stress, lessening anxious feelings, and can help fight fatigue. Peppermint can make you more mentally alert while energizing you. Roman chamomile induces calm feelings, lifts your mood and reduces sad feelings. I also fascia blast prior to my Epsom salt bath as it helps to get rid of cellulite. I mix ten drops of slim and sassy to FCO (fractionated coconut oil).

Soaking in essential oils is beneficial but can leave a film in the tub. Remove this film with the amazing tub and tile cleaner recipe below.

This bath soak definitely creates a messy tub. I found the best mixture for an easy clean up. I clean the tub and tile with a combination of 1 cup white vinegar, 4 teaspoons Castile soap, 10 drops melaleuca, and 10 drops eucalyptus. Place all ingredients in a spray bottle, shake, and spray. Allow mixture to sit on surface for 5-10 minutes and wipe clean. Till next time, keep it clean with natural made products.

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Cleaning Tub and Tile with Natural Made Products

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  1. I am an epsom salt bath fan too! I loved learning more about the benefits and how it works! I plan to try your recipe. I have a similar one, but I use 3 TB. of the Onguard Cleaner with the vinegar and water. It works great too!

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