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Month: August 2019

Breaking Through Grief

grief[ɡrēf]NOUN deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.”she was overcome with grief”synonyms: heaviness of heart Grief is a heavy emotion, sometimes too heavy. Grief can be overwhelming and can cause a beautiful day to look dreary and unbearable. It is usually the loss of someone by death but sometimes the sorrow felt is the […]

College Kid Survival Kit

It has happened…our last child, Cecelia #6 of 6, has left for college.  It has been 25 years since we have not had a child in primary education. My free spirit, easy-going daughter is off to tackle the journey of college and responsibilities of daily life.  It is a challenge magnified by being “alone” per […]

Cleopatra Smiles

Historians give accounts of the beautiful, mysterious Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, 69 BCE-30 BCE, using potent, natural botanicals, minerals and essential oils in her cosmetics and beauty products. Archeologists have unearthed containers and perfume bottles and analyzed the residue of the contents. Some of the following essential oils are believed to have been used during these […]

What’s your “why”?

Being selfish isn’t selfish. I realize that sounds counterintuitive but it’s not! I think it’s important to know your “why”. So you are probably asking yourself “What does that mean?” Your “why” is the reason you do what you do. Whether it’s climbing the company ladder or home schooling your kids. There is always an […]

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