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Month: July 2019

Chilling out with oils!

When it comes to my family, dōTERRA essential oils are always a part of our healthcare plan; our critters are no different. We have found many times that our animals benefit from using the oils along with regular veterinarian care. Several years ago when we started using the oils for our human family members, we […]

The Reluctant Husband

This is for My Husband, whose birthday is on the 31st. The reluctant one, the “you want me to do what?” one. Husbands, (well mine at least) often only hear about every third word unless it has to do with money and then they hear a whole lot better. I would describe my husband as […]

Whipped Without the Nae Nae

Do you have a favorite dessert? One of my favorites is whipped cream! The creaminess, the sweetness, the light and airiness. I can eat an entire bowl on my own! 🙈 Did you know essential oils make whipped cream even more delectable?! dōTERRA essential oils are what I trust for my family whether we use […]

The Sleep Puzzle

A good night’s sleep eludes me all too often. It is a complicated puzzle that is solved on the rare occasion. Usually, I am left with one puzzle piece missing which causes me to not get the proper amount and quality of sleep that I need. The pieces of the puzzle include a comfortable mattress, […]

Ranch Hand Remedy Bag

The lazy hazy days of summer are in full swing.  Heat and humidity are part of our daily lives. We remind each other to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Air conditioning is our escape but here at the ranch it is a luxury and we cannot stay inside when there is work to […]

A Walk in the Woods

Our family loves to be surrounded by nature.  There is something so special about walking down a trail listening to the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind and smelling the fresh earthy air.  It is one of the main reasons we packed up, sold our farm, and moved to the Great Smoky Mountains. […]

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